Xpert Webtech Pvt Ltd was established in 2017 under the leadership of Mr. Ajay Kumar Chaudhary who is the CEO and Founder of the company and Managing Director Mr. Virendra Agrahari. Since its inception, it has never looked back. Xpert Webtech has been revolutionizing many businesses from the very beginning. We help our clients to adapt to the latest technology and trends by providing them highly productive Web Service, Mobile Application, Digital Marketing services.

Xpert Webtech has its registered office at Greater Noida with a very dynamic and highly efficient staff. The company is very well incorporated under the provisions of The Companies Act 1956 which provides it the authenticity which is very much required in today's world. The technology sector is a very dynamic sector and is evolving at an exponential rate. Our aim is to catch up with that rate and pave the way for our clients into this very bright future where they can outshine everyone.

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading name in providing our clients customized web solutions to fulfill their organizational goals. We value technological innovation and strive to be known as the best web service provider worldwide.

Our mission

Our mission is to consistently grow as a leading IT – Solution company and enhance the growth of our clients simultaneously. We realize that our success depends on the success of our clients and we ensure that by providing consistent competitive advantage to our clients.

Our Process

We have a tradition of excellence and the proven process to ensure we uphold it. After over 3 years of measured success and +100 clients, our focused, team-based, collaborative process is second to none.


Xpert Webtech Pvt Ltd is the leading technology solution provider and is a globally recognized firm. We are committed to helping our customers reach the stars which they have always wished for. Our highly efficient team ensures that you get the best in the Industry. When our customers invest their time in us we never take it for granted. For us, the precious time which our clients give us matters the most and hence at Xpert Webtech it is our foremost responsibility to deliver quality within the deadline. Our helplines are always accessible 24 X 7. Any issue and you get in contact with us and we will be there for you to troubleshoot the issue.

Deadlines are taken very seriously at Xpert since any delay can incur huge losses and we never want that to happen to our clients. Technology-wise our team is well updated with all the recent technologies, security threats, etc. so that your business never gets compromised for whatsoever reason. Hence you are at the right place. We are very lucky that you have shown faith in us and it is guaranteed that we won’t be failing your aspiration and expectations from us at all. Let us grow your business together!

Life At Xpert Webtech Pvt Ltd

At Xpert Webtech we have a very fun-loving, intelligent and highly productive family. We always value the differences which the team mates might have and have immense respect for that. Each individual is allowed to present themselves. From entry to being a leader, we provide scope for everything. It is just a whole set of possibilities which we have at Xpert Webtech. We highly believe that the best way to bring out the best of someone is only possible if they are given freedom to express themselves. Xpertians who are currently working with us know much better about it and are live examples. Once associated with us it is impossible to dissociate from the warmth and comfort of the Xpert Webtech atmosphere. We have a mini-earth here.

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