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A beautiful website is designed and developed and finally ready to launch. Peoples those who decided to develop a website for their business definitely want to create a digital identity for their business online and expert webtech the best SEO service company in Delhi NCR will do that for you. In today’s world where most of the people’s search a brand online before finalizing any deal, it is mandatory to have an attractive and responsive website for your business which fulfills your client’s or customers needs. But wait, an attractive and responsive website doesn’t provide you business any visibility. To gain business, visibility and online presence you need to optimize your website for search engines so that when people search for anything related to your business they find you. The search engine giant Google has captured most of the market when it comes to search engine leaving bing and yahoo way behind. So finally, you need to optimize your website for Google and other search engines so that when people search for something related to your business they can find you in search results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service company in Delhi NCR

Search engine optimization also is known as SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc. so, that your website can rank on the first page of search engines.

The Process of SEO works on two main topics

1) On page optimization

2) Off-page optimization

Let’s first start with on-page optimizations


We at expert webtech the best SEO service company in Delhi NCR audit your website and do a 20 parameter check and fix the website errors so that your website is properly SEO optimized.

Let’s take a look at each and every parameter one by one

  1. HTML Size – The size of the web page should be below 2 MB so that it loads faster and gives a good user experience to the user.
  2. Title – A title works as a title for your webpage in the search results and is not visible on your web page. It only appears in google search. It is necessary to have a title because it tells users about your service when people search in search engines and it is a major SEO parameter. The length of the title should be in between 35-65 characters.
  3. Description – Description is the content that comes below the title in the search results page and it is also necessary to give the user more detailed information about your business or services. The length of the description should be up to 158 characters.
  4. H1-H6 tags – Header tags are very important when it comes to on-page optimization and should be used in pages according to the content.
  5. Content length – The length of the content on the page should be around 500 words or more.
  6. Text to Html ratio – The recommended ratio is 10%. It means that the text must be more than 10% compared to the content on the page. Unusual text to HTML ratio slows down the page and increase the bounce rate of the website.
  7. Favicons – Favicons are the small icons in the browsers tabs and it helps customer’s to recognize your brand and it a very important SEO factor too.
  8. Images – All images on your website should be optimized and the size of those images should be less than 100kb and all images should have alt text and title so that Googlebot can crawl it.
  9. Checking the canonical link – A canonical link is an HTML element that tells the google search engine that the website is copied from a different website. Most of the time used in some copied pages in your website to address google about copy and stay safe from google algorithms.
  10.   Link tag – A link tag is an HTML tag that helps webmasters to translate the content for different regions of the world and it also creates a new regional Url.
  11.   Pagination text – Pagination is the process of breaking large contents in the website into small pieces. Pagination tag is used to on those small pages so that Google treats them accordingly.
  12.   Meta tags – Meta tags are the block of text that describes a page content and it appears in pages code.
  13.   Robots.txt – A robot.txt is a file that is used to guide the search engine bots about which page to crawl and index. It is useful when you ‘want a page to be indexed in google.
  14.   Noindex tag – A no index tag is an HTML tag that doesn’t allow search engine bots to crawl your pages where this tag is applied.
  15.   Case sensitive – Page URLs are case sensitive and they can differ the final landing page so, it is important to keep an eye on the pages URL.
  16.   Protocol Redirect – The website must redirect http(unsecured) to https(secured).
  17.   Hidden link or content – Google sees Hidden link or text in the website as misleading and there should not be any hidden link or content in the website.
  18.   404 errors – All the 404 errors and broken links on the website should be redirected to the working URLs.
  19.   Meta Keywords – In meta keywords tag all the targeted keywords should be added.
  20.   Sitemap – A site map is a file which includes all the pages and information about the website. A site map must be submitted to Google so that Google can easily crawl your website.

These are the 20 most important parameter check that we do to optimize your website. This makes us the best SEO service company in Delhi NCR. 

Off-page Optimizations Service by best SEO service company in Delhi NCR 

Off-page optimization is the process of building backlinks for your website from relevant and authority websites. Off-page helps to increase your websites authority and increase ranking in the search results.

Let’s go through some of the white hat link building techniques that we use.

  • Article submission
  • Directory submission
  • Guest posting
  • Blog commenting
  • social bookmarking
  • ping submission sites
  • video submission sites etc.

Expert webtech is the best SEO service company in Delhi NCR  and has successfully ranked more than 100 websites on top of Google search ranking.